We are a Christian Holy tour operators catering to the travel needs of all the Christian denominations. We delight in taking people to Holy land to know more about the land and the history of the Bible is imperative to understanding the Bible itself.

Still it's important to remember that there is not only a History of Salvation but also a Geography of Salvation. God has revealed himself by speaking to man in a rather limited region of the earth that is called Holy land.

To be a pilgrim in the places where our Lord lived and poured out his life is an experience of a life time. Treasuring those experiences by returning to those locations by means of the tours conducted by us. Discovery and renewal are in store for you as you explore the Biblical sites, The Holy land of Jesus. Let your heart be warmed and opened to fresh insights as the scriptures come alive.

Come let us travel the roads together where our Saviour Jesus walked, Preached and did Miracles. Be inspired by the views of Galilee and Jerusalem, Rejoice with the Psalmist at the Majesty of his creation. Let us follow the Good Shepherd from Bethlehem, The carpenter of Nazareth, The Rabbi at Capernaum to the Saviour at Golgotha and his ascension from Mount of Olives.

When people visit Israel, Gods word becomes clearer your faith becomes deeper and your passion for Christ becomes stronger. "Once you visit Israel you will never be the same again.